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41 Magnum 210gr FMJ


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41 Magnum 210 gr FMJ *NEW*

1150-1200 FPS

Packaged in a 50 or 250 round box

** All our products and components are proudly manufactured in the USA. It is important to us to be that way**


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ALL Reloadable




210 gr FMJ






50 Rounds, 250 Rounds

9 reviews for 41 Magnum 210gr FMJ

  1. Jeffrey A Dewey (store manager)

    I love this stuff. 41 Mag is not always easy to find, and when you can find it it’s usually outrageously expensive. This is reasonably priced and shoots great. Anyone using 41 Mag should select this as their go-to source for ammunition. Did I mention it shoots great and I love it? I’ll start trying other calibers as soon as my inventory begins to dwindle.

  2. Jeffrey A Dewey (store manager)

    I was having trouble locating rounds for my Ruger Blackhawk 41 mag when I heard about Precision One. I ordered two boxes to see how they do. I’m impressed. Not a single FTF, reasonably clean, and more accurate than I am. I will be using Precision One as my “go to” brand in the future.

  3. robert hale (verified owner)

    Shoots good very happy

  4. roachmd (verified owner)

    Best all around ammo for my Charter Arms Mag Pug .41 Magnum. Out of this 2.5″ snub nose magnum, I find this ammo manageable while still retaining 41 defensive power.

  5. Michael Roach (verified owner)

    Best 41 MAG for my Charter Arms I’ve found this far. Hot Enough but not too hot.

  6. Jonathan Pittman (verified owner)

    Good target ammo good service

  7. Retired Military (verified owner)

    I am a new owner of a brand new (Ruger New Model Blackhawk) 41 Magnum with a 6 1/2 barrel. I have been shopping for ammunition all over the internet, local Gun Stores, and local Big Box Gun Stores. I determined after an exhausted search Precision ONe Ammunition had a very good price for 41 Magnum ammunition (Plus they had the ammunition IN STOCK READY TO SHIP). I called them before placing an order. They were very customer friendly, and were happy TO answer all of my questions. Below is my Review.

    1. PRICING: You will be hard-pressed to beat their price, “if you can”, for 50 rounds of 210 Grain Target FMJ 41 Magnum or 50 rounds of 210 Grain HP/XTP 41 Magnum.
    2. SALES TAX: I live outside of South Carolina, I did not have to pay sales tax.
    3. SHIPPING COSTS: I bought three (3) 50 round boxes of 41 Magnum…it costs me $13.43 for FEDEX to ship to my door.
    4. ORDER DATE: Ordered late evening on a Tuesday (almost midnight).
    5. ORDER FILLED / PACKAGED / SHIP DATE: Order filled the next morning, Wednesday; Order packaged and shipped out Wednesday PM via FEDEX.
    6. ORDER ARRIVAL DATE: Received my order three (3) days later (Friday), at 1200 noon.
    7. PACKAGING/PACKAGING CONDITION: Packaging was in a Precision ONe Ammunition labeled cardboard box. The box was in very good condition when it arrived by FEDEX; once I opened the box, the three boxes of ammunition were well packed with brown packing paper as a spacing-filler around them; all three boxes were in very good condition (NO busted boxes of ammunition) (all were just like new).
    8. VISUAL INSPECTION OF AMMUNITION: I looked through all three boxes of ammunition, paying attention-to-detail for anything out of the ordinary. All brass cases were new “STAR LINE BRASS”; all brass was in new condition; there were no out of spec primers; no loose bullets…ect. (very good looking ammunition).
    9a. 210 GRAIN FMJ TARGET LOAD: I fired thirty (30) rounds of the 210 Grain FMJ – Target ammunition. Each one of the FMJ fired with no issues. There were no misfires. Every FMJ round fired seemed to have the same power (none more – none less)…Being my very first time ever firing a 41 Magnum, I would say these were a Mild load (very pleasant to shoot). Each fired brass casing was checked for bulging primers (I did not see any primers that looked deformed…they all looked very normal to me). Each fired brass case was easily removed from the cylinder (none were sticky or hard to remove). Each fired brass casing was checked for deformities, there were none).
    9b. 210 GRAIN HP/XTP LOAD: I fired three (3) of these rounds. WOW!…they had more recoil, were stiffer than the FMJ load. They were louder. Once I broke the trigger, you immeditately knew this load had more punch…(HOWEVER, it was still very manageable and enjoyable to shoot this load). I checked these three (3) rounds for everything just as I did for the FMJ load. The HP/XTP load and its brass casing met the standard too.
    OVERALL: I am Very Satisfied thus far with the Precision ONe Ammunition, the Customer Service, the Pricing, and the Functionality/Performance of the Ammunition. I have no regrets. I will be back to purchase again.

    MY RECOMMENDATION TO 41 MAGNUM OWNERS/SHOOTERS: Highly Recommend this Company and this Product.

  8. tom k. (verified owner)

    Service was amazing called in and spoke to a brandy she did an amazing job on helping me getting my order put thru online delivery was also very fast i will be ordering again your ammo looks top rate thank you .

  9. Retired Military (verified owner)

    It has been 14 months since I bought my first order of 41 Magnum from POA (the ammunition has been a great product). Fast forward to 2021…, I needed more 41 Magnum ammo BUT under past, and current demand, it has been hard to find, even at POA. On 01 June 2021, I called POA, spoke with Brandy, and asked when there might be some 41 Magnum on the site for sale. Brandy told me that it would probably be 3-6 months before any was on the site. I was hoping for sooner but I did tell Brandy that I would be looking for it then.

    (as Jerry Clower would say).. “GET THIS PICTURE”…On 11 June, I was checking the POA site again, for 41 Magnum, just in case and hoping. Well, there it was, 41 Magnum, for sale. On 13 June, I ordered 100 rounds. On 16 June, it arrived at my door. The ammunition was packaged perfectly (Thank You). The POA Ammunition boxes had a Date of 07 June. I suppose it was produced on that date. I inspected each round. Each round looked great. New Starline Brass. Nice, new 210 Grain FMJ bullets (all in great shape).

    The purpose of this review is to point toward Customer Service (Listening to Customer Requests). Somehow, someway, POA received products to produce 41 Magnum ammunition and they produced it for, the Customer. Now that is Service for You. Way To Go POA.
    Thank YOU

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