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Over 3000 FPS

Packaged in a 50, 250, and 500 rounds

**All remanufactured ammo is 100% fully reconditioned in house back to S.A.A.M.I. specs.**

** All our products and components are proudly manufactured in the USA. It is important to us to be that way**


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over 3000


62 gr FMJ




ALL Reloadable

56 reviews for 5.56 62gr FMJ (REMANUFACTURED)

  1. John Muldoon (store manager)

    This ammo is great. Picked it up at a local gun show the first time and put 500 rounds through my SR-556 with no issues at all. So I bought a bunker of 9mm and 38+p (along with another bunker of 5.56). Over a thousand rounds of Precision One ammo and not one issue at all. Very happy with all of their products. Next show is in Greenville and I’ll probably buy a few more bunkers. I only wish I could but 500 round packs without the bunker to save a couple more bucks. Hint, hint…

  2. Alan Hall (store manager)

    I bought 1,000 rounds of the 62 gr FMJ because it is 62 gr which my M4 and ACOG love to run on. The M855 is good, but it doesn’t fragment like I want, it isn’t allowed at the range, and it harms my steel targets a little more in some cases. I am not alone because MagTech (CBC)62gr FMJ is near impossible to find because it is good, clean ammo, fitting the criteria I described. WOW!! Precision One is Clean, Accurate, and Reliable!! I have found my replacement for the CBC 62 gr FMJ, and Precision One has them in stock, and priced competitively. The brass and consistency of each round is the same as any reputable ammo manufacturer, or better. Thanks

  3. Michael (verified owner)

    Fast and accurate, competitive pricing, quality product

  4. Miles McMillan (verified owner)

    Fast shipping good stufg

  5. Stephen M. (verified owner)

    Quality Ammo

  6. Chad R. (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality, quick processing, and they answered all my questions! Very happy. 10/10 would buy again.

  7. Joshua D. (verified owner)

    Great service and great ammo !!

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not to bad

  9. Paul T. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping!! got to my house in 3 days after I placed the order.. as always the remanufactured ammo is great quality..never any issues ordering from precision ONE.

    They also gave me a free ammo can!

  10. Brandon Lecompte (verified owner)

    Great customer service and pretty fast shipping. I definitely recommend.

  11. Jonathan F. (verified owner)

    Pretty good looking for reloaded ammo, I wouldn’t even be able to tell at first glance. I really like the ammo can that the bunker box comes in. If it performs as well as it looks, then I’ll definitely be back!

  12. David W. (verified owner)

    1000 rounds fired from an AR that has been put up for a year. 100 yards and the grouping was about 4 inches. Pretty sure that would have been better If I wasn’t out of practice

  13. Timothy M. (verified owner)


  14. Jonathan F. (verified owner)

    Shot 2” groups at 100 meters. Good quality for seconds.

  15. Edward Briggs (verified owner)

    Very pleased so far, shot 25 rds to sight & function check new upper. No problems. Lake City brass w/NATO stamp. Whats not to like? Great Service!

  16. THOMAS (verified owner)

    Once again a quality product at a great price.

  17. Charlie (verified owner)

    Excellent service. The front desk lady is very nicer she ordered my things and was ready next day to pick up

  18. Kris Cabanilla (verified owner)

    Bullets look new, still haven’t put any rounds through my AR yet. Shipping was pretty quick too.

  19. David C. (verified owner)

    Great price!! Great SERVICE!! Quality product and value!! Thanks, Precision ONe, for producing some of the best ammo available!!

  20. Jamie N. (verified owner)

    Ordered on a Thursday and it was at the house Saturday morning don’t get much better than that will be ordering more soon

  21. Anthony A. (verified owner)

    The ammo performs amazingly. Everyone at the shop are pretty awesome too! I enjoy it Everytime I’m come to pick up ammo. Absolutely recommend them.

  22. ROCKLYN H. (verified owner)

    went to the range the day they arrived and they worked great .will get more

  23. Tommy G. (verified owner)

    No problem
    Great service

  24. Michael Wright (verified owner)

    Excellent ammo quick shipping given the times will continue to buy ammo from them

  25. Jimmy Hendrix (verified owner)

    First time buyer. Service was great, ammo worked as it should, what’s not to like?

  26. Rodney McCarron (verified owner)

    Got what was expected quickly, will be returning, thanks much!

  27. Frank Perras (verified owner)

    awesome considering the conditions

  28. Joe (verified owner)

    Everything has worked great!

  29. EddieBrr3 (verified owner)

    Took my 17 y.o. grandson to the range, my nick name for him is “ammo eater”, 300 rounds of this ammo later “0” malfunctions. As good as it gets.

  30. John R. (verified owner)

    I gave a 5 as the ammo is great and delivered overnight which is unbelievable. It is usually 2-3 days excluding weekends but arrived on Saturday. That’s the good. now for the disappointment. Not offered in 1000 or even 500 round options. the 1st order was for two 250 round orders and the 2nd order for 250 more. I didn’t want to be greedy and take all. Also, no ammo boxes this way and more expensive.
    Overall the 5 or 6 orders I’ve placed in the past 2 weeks have been great. I hope PrecisionOne is able to be my only supplier. I’ve sent several friends to purchase here

  31. John R. (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Great ammo! Clean and arrived quickly. Even better I was able to order a 500 Bunker today. I like the large options and miss the 1000 round option. Last month 1000 was only $100 more than 500 today. Sign of the times! Would have liked a box of 9MM defense rounds but never available to include with an order.

  32. Jeffrey M. (verified owner)

    Excellent service and process!! Thanks for all that are doing to keep supplied during this time. Much appreciated!

  33. Wayne N. (verified owner)

    Great product and service at a fair price.

  34. John Boineau (verified owner)

    In stock and great price. this is my go to place for ammo.

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Always on time!

  36. Rodney McCarron (verified owner)

    Repeat customer here, great product, got it quick, thanks guys!

  37. Jimmie W. (verified owner)

    Receive in timely manner

  38. Jimmy P. (verified owner)

    Outstanding service!!!

  39. Charles La Scola (verified owner)

    Good price,good product,very easy company to deal with.

  40. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast Delivery. Quality product.

  41. Bill (verified owner)

    It arrived very quickly. It came in a plastic ammo can which was a nice touch I was not expecting.

  42. John Lake (verified owner)

    Every one that I talked with and saw were wonderful. I will definitely be a long time customer! Thank Y’all for the great customer service!

  43. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quality as expected!

  44. richard almes (verified owner)

    well manufactured and prompt delivery

  45. Philip N. (verified owner)

    Great quality. Never had a misfire.

  46. Kristin V. (verified owner)

    Great ammo

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really fast turnaround for pickup, great service.

  48. Jacob (verified owner)

    Very satisfied! More accurate than most factory new ammo. Clean with zero failures.

  49. Daniel Boorman (verified owner)

    Is the Ammunition Good? – Yes. Its accurate, runs very clean, and I have had no malfunctions or issues. I shoot between 60 and 200 rounds each range day and can tell the difference in this ammunition vs basic Federal XM193 rounds which are currently priced the same. Shipping/service was great however there are a couple of things to note.

    First – the 500 round bunker image displayed a MTM case and it ships in a Flambeau case. Wouldn’t remove a star but a bit deceptive as the quality/price of the cases are vastly different.

    Second – $0.70 a round is a bit much which has cost the review a star (if it was priced more reasonably I would give it a 5). This review was made during COVID/Rioting 2020 and ammunition prices were standard at ~$0.70 a round however it doesn’t change the fact that its too much. I can buy self defense rounds cheaper than this ammunition and/or could use hollow point or spire point Hornady ammunition for range days considering its $0.20 a round cheaper than what’s listed here in my local stores.

    Final Verdict – I believe PrecisionOne has good quality (thus 4 stars) but I cannot support the current pricing (loss of 1 star). When the price come back to a more reasonable amount (if they do) I will return and purchase more ammunition but for now I will not spend at a rate of $0.70/round.

    ***Note the newest reviews are placed at the bottom….?

  50. Ralph W Holbrook (verified owner)

    Very fast processing and shipping

  51. Marshall Matthews (verified owner)

    Was great

  52. EARL BAKER (verified owner)

    Keep up the good work. We have a sporting club that needs more ammo.

  53. Robert (verified owner)

    Great customer service, quick delivery

  54. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great for shooting steel and paper. I have a couple AR’s one with a scope and another with a eotech and I enjoy using the ammo through both.

  55. delvis perez (verified owner)


  56. david Cracraft (verified owner)

    Never have any issues with precision, 5.56, 45 and 9mm. They were my go to company during the shortage. They had ammunition when other had none.

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