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45-70 350 Grain FP Trapdoor


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***UPDATE 4-2-2020****  As of now, we only have a few of these rounds left.  They will NOT fit into a Henry….Marlin it is perfect.  Due to the new design of Henry’s rifle, the old profile bullet will not fit correctly.  We only have a few of these left.


45-70 350 Grain FP TRAPDOOR
Packaged 20 or 100 rounds
Formulated for a reduced recoil modern lever action rifle and a standard older model trap door rifle.
Velocity 1350 FPS

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ALL Reloadable




350 gr FP





46 reviews for 45-70 350 Grain FP Trapdoor

  1. Matthew (verified owner)

    Great price for 45-70 ammo! Got tired of high powered ammo that is just ridiculous to shoot, especially as I am older. This trapdoor ammo is comfortable to shoot out of my Marlin, and still plenty powerful! And you can‘t beat the price!

  2. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Great round for a great price!

  3. justin stover (verified owner)

    great customer service , good price

  4. BRETT PETRASHEK (verified owner)

    Same here, full power punishment rounds get old while high volume plinking. These rounds are a breath of fresh air. Starline brass is great for reloading.

  5. Richard Ford (verified owner)

    Great customer service

  6. Brent (verified owner)

    Shipped very fast, good looking quality ammo for a good price. If it shoots as good as it looks I’ll be very happy.

  7. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Great price and a great product!

  8. Michael (verified owner)

    Thank you

  9. Matthew M. (verified owner)

    I love the .45-70 trapdoor ammo. I have went through about 150 and never had any issues. 4 inch groups standing at 75 yards through skinner peep sight

  10. Matthew Hollingshead (verified owner)

    I like the trapdoor ammo. easier on the shoulder. Good for older rifles too. It’s a little more exoensive now, but understandable with what is going on. Still a great bargain for this ammo!

  11. Michael K. (verified owner)

    Works well. So far it hasn’t blown up my Model 1873 trapdoor Springfield. Can’t really judge accuracy yet. I’m still learning my rifle. The price is reasonable and the shipping lightning quick. I wish you made .30-40 Krag.

  12. Scott Fabel (verified owner)

    Love the ammo, but will like it more when the price comes back down. Also it would be nice to get in soft point.

  13. Matthew Hollingshead (verified owner)

    Good trapdoor ammo!

  14. Matthew Hollingshead (verified owner)

    I like this trapdoor ammunition! Can‘t find it anywhere else!

  15. Michael Wright (verified owner)

    Excellent ammo

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very fast service. Thank you!

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Big ammo, tiny box. A+

  18. Bruce R. (verified owner)

    Everything went perfectly

  19. JOHN P. (verified owner)


  20. Jerry S. (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the timely delivery for my Springfield trapdoor. Greatly appreciated . Wonderful service.

  21. David D. (verified owner)

    Great customer service and quality product !

  22. Matthew Hollingshead (verified owner)

    Going to buy more next week!

  23. Mark (verified owner)

    Ordered online, received detailed communication and order was delivered within a couple days. Ordered 45-70 Trapdoor, best price online and it even came in a nice Flambeau Tactical reusable ammo box.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good

  25. Sean S. (verified owner)

    Shot great out of my 1873 Trapdoor! Surper Fast Shipping..A++++ I will be ordering more. Thanks for the GREAT service.

  26. Matthew Hollingshead (verified owner)

    Great value! Can‘t find any other trapdoor ammo like this. Will continue to buy!

  27. Bob L. (verified owner)

    Great service and quick shipping. Ammo looks great I have not had time to shoot the 45 70 ammo yet. Only place in country that has any in stock.

  28. Ethen M. (verified owner)

    Worked excellent, no complaints

  29. Michael Corbit (verified owner)

    Thank you, it arrived quickly.

  30. WAYNE SHOSH (verified owner)

    good stuff

  31. John Gabriel (verified owner)

    Excellent experience got the ammo incredibly fast just as promised the ammo is pretty and new and preforms incredibly and a pleasure to shoot. The people at precision are also high Quality and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks precision one your awesome !!!

  32. Michael F. (verified owner)

    Very nice folks to deal with. Had a very pleasant conversation with a lady that answered all my questions and the shipping was fast and the price was great.

  33. Kevin (verified owner)

    The very best Value in ammunition on the market. BAR NONE!

  34. Bruce R. (verified owner)

    Smooth transaction

  35. Bob (verified owner)

    Again great shipping time and outstanding ammo even when ammo is in such short supply

  36. John Gabriel (verified owner)

    Pretty ammunition, shoots well and easy to shoot. Order is at the door in 2 days!!

  37. paul hughes (verified owner)

    keep your prices fair most of your customers are working class NRA americans !

  38. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Unbelievable how quickly they sent this product. I am still waiting over a week for a box from a competitor, and I ordered it first. It is very hard to find. The price was $20 lower than I could find anywhere.

  39. gregory s. (verified owner)

    Have not shot yet, but did look over ammo. All looks fine. Price is high. But all ammo is.

  40. Julio Almeida (verified owner)

    I will be a return client. Great service

  41. Matthew Hollingshead (verified owner)

    Great practice ammo for 45-70, and great ammo for trapdoor low pressure rifles! Will always buy this! Hope it stays in stock!

  42. Chris (verified owner)

    Good ammo at a good price

  43. James Wender (verified owner)

    Best price available and fast delivery. Great job. Thanks

  44. Jeffrey Munn (verified owner)

    Jeffrey, Love this ammo. I have fired this trap door 45-70 from my Henry 45-70 model H010B, and had no issues. Thank you!

  45. Michael L. (verified owner)

    Great packaging and exactly what I ordered. The only reason this gets a 4 star is because shipping took 2 weeks to get to me.

  46. Tom Porter (verified owner)

    Order was shipped same day and delivered in a timely manner. Shot ammo yesterday and put good holes in my target. I will buy from you again…. Rebel Rifleman

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