45-70 300gr HP

I recently purchased a 100 round ammo box of 45-70 300gr HP from you guys. All I can say is WOW!! I reload so I knew this was a hotter load and that is what I wanted. Your ammo is beautiful, I mean this stuff is gorgeous. Cycling? My Marlin 1895 Trapper loves this stuff! Smoothest ammo I have ever used, bar none! Accurate? I was driving tacks at 50 yards with my stubby 16” barrel, can’t wait to use them with my 22” 1895 at 100 yards. I can’t wait to turn a few other fellow “Big Bore” guys onto your ammo. Crack open a cold one, light a cigar, and pat each other on the back! A job well done guys and girls, a job well done!!

Mike Butler

380 90 Grain HP/XTP

“I have a Kahr CW380. It’s a tad picky on ammo, but it loves this stuff. Cycles it flawlessly. Tight groups.”

07/17/2017 by Michael Riley

“Shot almost 200 rounds of this through a Kimber STS micro; super clean, consistently tight groups. Excellent ammunition! Plus, it’s a great buy!”

02/14/2016 by Thom C. Berg

“(KELTEC P3AT) Shot 25 rds and was very pleased. Hits hard and cycles very well. The recoil was alot softer than other brands I’ve tried and it was much more enjoyable to shoot. I took a risk buying carry ammo from a small company like this and it paid off BIGTIME!!! This ammo has won me over and is now my carry ammo of choice. Thank you Precision One!!!”

04/28/2014 by Joshua McOmber

“Saw this ammo reviewed on You Tube. With the 380, the FBI says it must have good penetration and expansion from 12 to 18 inches. Hard to find until PRECION ONE 380 ACP 90 gr HP/XTP, hit the market. I CC with my M&P Body Guard w/confidence. Ammo is perfect in functioning and performance. Customer Service is A+. I had fast communication with staff, made my order, and 2 days later, ammo was in my hands! Thanks Precision One! I will be a regular customer.”

11/08/2014 by Alan Hall

223 55 Grain SP Reman

“I already commented on the 1,000 round case of this quality reman…I have now put out around 800 rounds through my Sig..without one failure….Today I had some other remans…and shot 240 rounds with one failure. I will not mention the name of the other ammo but I compared this to that…and visually there is NO comparison. These rounds from Prescision One are absolutley clean! Also, they do not have the major flaws that some reman brass has….very few marks and I haven’t found a noticeable dent/ding in any of their rounds…I recommended them to someone at my local range today, he was new and did not know that FMJ was not allowed……I have searched and to my knowledge there is not a better SP out there at this price…not to mention you get a real cool container not just a plastic bag….I am a very happy customer.”

03/09/2017 by Steven E Hazen

500 S&W 350 Grain HP/XTP

“Received my 100 round box of 500 S&W ammo today and immediately had to try it. It is bulk packed, so I transferred it to two 50 rd MTM boxes. There was the occasional dent, but nothing of any consequence. Took my S&W 500 6 1/2” bbl, affectionately known as “The Wrath of God”, to the berm on my property. Shot two cylinders, i.e. 10 rounds with no problem. 500 Mags do not go” bang”; they go BOOM and send out a substantial shock wave. The gun shot to the point of aim for my preferred load: 350 grain Hornady XTP, 43 grains of H110 at about 1500-1550 fps. The brass is Starline and marked with an “R” indicating that it was designed to be loaded/reloaded with rifle primers. The ammo looks great and performs great. After it cools off a bit here in Texas, I’ll set up my chronograph and do some velocity checks. Pitty the feral hog that I can get a clean shot at.”

09/05/2017 by Gerald Carr

41 MAG 210 Grain FMJ

“I was having trouble locating rounds for my Ruger Blackhawk 41 mag when I heard about Precision One. I ordered two boxes to see how they do. I’m impressed. Not a single FTF, reasonably clean, and more accurate than I am. I will be using Precision One as my “go to” brand in the future.”

09/09/2015 by Jeffrey A Dewey